Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

Holiday HangoverFor many of us, the holiday season has just started.  Over the past few days, the food and alcohol has slid down gullets like the smooth ride of a Cadillac.

So smooth you can’t even keep track of it all.

But you DID account for it right?

Look, when you build these things into your plan, it’s EASY to keep on keeping on because you didn’t go OFF your plan.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

How can you feel bad about yourself for slipping up if you built in the “slip up” such that it’s not a “slip up”?  That’s right, you can’t.

So for those that didn’t build it in, the next few days will naturally bring feelings of despair… there will be less productivity because they’ll feel bad about themselves, and there will be a complete halt in progress because they find it too hard and too depressing to get back on a horse that they never should have fallen off of in the first place…

This is the difference between proactive eating and reactive eating.

And it all revolves are the simple step of planning your diet around your social activities instead of planning your social activities around your diet.

One leads to success and continuity, the other to frustration.

The question is:  Which camp do you fall in?