I Love Haters – You Should Too

I Love HatersI’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon over the last few months, particularly when clients of ours (Adonis and Venus Index) share their transformation photos online with friends and family (and even on other forums and sites).


Now, lets not talk about the fact that some of the people receiving the “hate” used to be super critical of us.  That does make me smile.  Not because I’m evil, but because some of these people are finally “getting” the other side of it all.

You see, it’s EASY to be critical… much tougher to create and/or put yourself out there for others to critique.

In fact, I now view it as an either or:  Either you can be a critic, or a creator… not both.

However, back to “haters”.

Should you love them?  How do you deal with them?

First, yes, you SHOULD love them.  If you’re not polarizing people, you’re doing something wrong and you’re not making an impact on anyone.  I’ll show you why this is in a video on the “Attention U” I’ll do next Tuesday.  The fact is, the more success you have, the more haters you’ll have.  It comes with the territory.

Second, how do you deal with them?


1.  It’s hard to not let haters bother you when you’re being a hater yourself, see yesterday’s post on Cheering Successes for more.

2.  People that have passion AGAINST you often have very good points for you to check out.  Don’t be so emotional about the hate that you miss the potential “nuggets” that can drive your platform further.

3.  Don’t take it personal.  Most of the time, it’s not YOU that people are hating.  It’s the view or perception of you that they have.  This is very different.  For one, none of your haters REALLY know you.  They only know small pieces of you.  What you publish?  What you do that’s seen? Etc.  Also, you have to remember that others have their own agenda… their own beliefs, which often times creates a situation where people overreact and read into something that’s not even there because they’re so ready to defend what they believe in.

The moral is:  Take ’em in stride.  Haters provide a platform for non-haters to find you and anger travels fast.

Let them fuel your success.  After all, they are a strange asset to have…