Prolific, Not Polished, Is Key

Results CurveOne of the most debilitating things a person can do is wait until something is “perfect” or “polished” before taking action on it.

It could be an idea.

It could be a new process.

It could even be a speech or presentation.

Listen, the fact is that you’ll never know if an idea or presentation has legs until the rubber meets the road.  For example, there will be a lot of people who will be making New Year’s resolutions in the very near future.  And of those, many will involve making changes to their bodies.

And many will fail.

But not because what they tried didn’t work… it’s because they don’t do ANYTHING.

Look, figure out what you want to do, come up with a plan, and then act on that plan.  Once you act, you get feedback, and then, generally, you know what changes you need to make next.

Now, this doesn’t mean you put a half thought out plan into action, just like you don’t give a half thought out presentation.

The thing is, you just don’t KNOW what is going to work, even if it’s worked for others.  So you test it (with a sensible testing period)

Test, tweak, test, tweak.

Let me give you an example.  Lord knows I’m not the most polished speaker in the world.  Yet, that doesn’t prevent me from podcasting.

Because what I’ve discovered, is that anyone can be “polished”… however, it’s the little flaws that make you… well, YOU.  Plus, there’s magic watching someone shoot from the hip.  In fact, that’s how I judge presenters at seminars and the such.  The presentation is one thing, but it’s the Q and A that ultimately shows me if you really know what you’re talking about.  Because it’s raw, real, and on the fly.

And THAT’s what people want.  Someone real they can relate to.

So, I just continue to churn.  Hell, almost every podcast I’ve ever done was never edited as far as content.  We just go.

And it works.  I can get MORE info out to the people that I resonate with like this.  Again, that’s not saying it’s half ass, because it’s not.

But it’s real.

So get out of your head, put one foot ahead of the other, and churn baby, churn.

Because happiness is progress… progress is action compounded over time.

Ideas are worthless.  A dime a dozen.  It’s what you DO with them that matter.

Think about that…